Rider Consulting Partners

Rider Consulting collaborates regularly with highly respected consultants across the spectrum.  ME Rider has a reputation for convening the right team for the task at hand.

Joy Bentley, CPA:  The Bentley Company

A former auditor for Mikunda Cottrell, Ms. Bentley is a financial consultant to foundations and non-profits at all levels. She consults mostly in the western states and Alaska.

Pam Miller, LCSW, MPA, CHC, NCIT:    Behavioral Health Compliance Solutions 

Ms. Miller analyzes the Medicaid billing potential of services offered by behavioral health providers, and works with non-profit leadership to monitor their compliance with state regulations. She consults in several states around the nation.

Rain Van Den Berg, Rain Van Den Berg Consulting

Rain Van Den Berg facilitates program implementation: teamwork to achieve action, and complex processes.

Laura Johnston, RN

Ms. Johnston is an Electronic Health Records expert with over a decade of national and international experience identifying and addressing electronic health record system issues for complex health organizations.

John Conway, PE: Eklutna Construction and Maintenance

Mr. Conway, a construction engineer, acts as owner's agent from concept through construction for organizations in the Pacific Northwest.. 

Denali Daniels, MPA: Denali L. Daniels & Associates

Ms. Daniels offers public relations, governmental relations, and other assistance in arenas spanning energy to health facilities.

J. Gwen Kennedy, Ph.D.:  Kennedy and Associates

Finding and walking the path through organizational and system change, Dr. Kennedy provides organizational development and group facilitation for the profit and non-profit sectors. Dr. Kennedy consults around the United States and occasionally in other countries.

Jill Ramsey, MS: Ramsey Consulting

Ms. Ramsey specializes in coaching peer support organizations in developing and maintaining vocational rehabilitation reimbursable services and mental health clubhouse programming.

Laura Schue, MS:  Schue Consulting

Ms. Schue offers facilitation, grantwriting, and a forest-for-the-trees view for non-profits and tribal organizations.