Rider Consulting Partners

Rider Consulting collaborates regularly with highly respected consultants across the spectrum.  ME Rider has a reputation for convening the right team for the task at hand.

Joy Bentley, CPA:  The Bentley Company

A former auditor for Mikunda Cottrell, Ms. Bentley is a financial consultant to foundations and non-profits at all levels. She consults mostly in the western states and Alaska.

Pam Miller, LCSW, MPA, CHC, NCIT:    Behavioral Health Compliance Solutions 

Ms. Miller analyzes the Medicaid billing potential of services offered by behavioral health providers, and works with non-profit leadership to monitor their compliance with state regulations. She consults in several states around the nation.

Cassandra Stalzer, BrainSpace Creative

Brainspace Creative combines experience designing high-impact campaigns for social causes, understanding of the evolving media landscape, and technology innovation to promote effectiveness and efficiency in small to medium-sized nonprofits and companies.

Laura Johnston, RN

Ms. Johnston is an Electronic Health Records expert with over a decade of national and international experience identifying and addressing electronic health record system issues for complex health organizations.

John Conway, PE: Eklutna Construction and Maintenance

Mr. Conway, a construction engineer, acts as owner's agent from concept through construction for organizations in the Pacific Northwest.. 

Denali Daniels, MPA: Denali L. Daniels & Associates

Ms. Daniels offers public relations, governmental relations, and other assistance in arenas spanning energy to health facilities.

J. Gwen Kennedy, Ph.D.:  Kennedy and Associates

Finding and walking the path through organizational and system change, Dr. Kennedy provides organizational development and group facilitation for the profit and non-profit sectors. Dr. Kennedy consults around the United States and occasionally in other countries.

Jill Ramsey, MS: Ramsey Consulting

Ms. Ramsey specializes in coaching peer support organizations in developing and maintaining vocational rehabilitation reimbursable services and mental health clubhouse programming.

Laura Schue, MS:  Schue Consulting

Ms. Schue offers facilitation, grantwriting, and a forest-for-the-trees view for non-profits and tribal organizations.